The Shadow Side of the Light!

What isn’t’ talked about much in the holistic world is the shadow. It’s got a bad rap. Wherever there is light shining, it casts a shadow – and unless we look honestly at this shadow, it will continue to act out through us in unconscious ways.   You know the experience: – when a child…

What isn’t’ talked about much in the holistic world is the shadow.

It’s got a bad rap. Wherever there is light shining, it casts a shadow – and unless we look honestly at this shadow, it will continue to act out through us in unconscious ways.


You know the experience:

– when a child breaks a dish and uncontrolled anger               surfaces, or

– you hear a sad story about a stranger and grief begins to pour from you, in a way that seems impossible to stop or keep under wraps.


In the shadow work world, we would say these emotions are kept in shadow, meaning they go unacknowledged or suppressed in some way – oftentimes they are even hidden from us.


Anytime emotions are suppressed because we have judged them as ‘bad’ or ‘lower vibration’, they not only remain within us, but gather strength and power; leading to more uncontrollable outbursts, outpourings, or unrecognizable ways we abuse our power for manipulation and control.

In the holistic world, we often see the suppression of specific emotions. Lingo dictates we focus on the emotions / thoughts which are positive, while keeping the ‘so-called’ negative emotions at bay.


The belief is that the negative emotions attract negative life experiences. What we see happening as a result, is the suppressed emotions go into shadow and continue to build momentum. They don’t just go away because we’ve changed our thinking in the moment. They’re still present in our cells and tissues.

The outcome of changing your thinking in order to avoid feeling sadness, anger, jealousy or hatred, doesn’t necessarily create an experience we desire.

For example, a shadow emotion – one that’s been suppressed or denied, perhaps of loneliness or fear of abandonment, if left unacknowledged or unchecked, may cause someone to act extra big and shiny in their expression. With their underlining shadow needing attention or needing to feel the love that comes with accolades.

This can be seen happening on social media all the time. Someone will post a big announcement of something important which they’re beaming about (feeling shiny and wanting to express in a big way) and then not receive any likes or comments; resulting in them feeling deflated from a lack of acknowledgment.

We would describe this in the shadow world as an inflated sovereign energy. The sovereign part of the self wanted to express and share with the world, but was really seeking love, usually as a result of unhealed wounds of abandonment or rejection.

Ideally, one could feel big and shiny simply from your heart bursting with loving energy, without the need for garnering attention in any way. This would be a clean example of expression where nothing from the outside world is needed or wanted in order to feel complete.

The Key to Unveiling and Embracing Our Shadows Is: 

To ask yourself, what is the motivation behind your actions?

Is there any….

– Fear of rejection or abandonment

– Desire for revenge

– Desire to hurt someone else

– A need for attention

– An unresolved wound that is the driving force behind an expression

This is a powerful process of unveiling and uncovering the depth of healing your soul is inviting you into.


So when we speak of shadows, it’s not just about looking at the dark and staying there, mulling over the intensity found in these parts of self; it’s actually about giving the parts a voice and acknowledging the truth of the emotion that’s present.

It’s about listening and honoring all voices within, knowing that no voice or emotion is better or higher than another.

They are all valid and important aspects of the fullness of your being as a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional complex and amazing force of nature.


The shadows within are honoured and treasured when seen through this lens, which means all of you is welcome in any moment or in any experience.


We bring all of you into the circle and learn to love every part of you with a love that’s deep and supportive and real.

Your shadows, as you will soon see, will become your greatest allies, as they inform you about the source of your power and strength.

As a person who walks with integrity and authenticity in the world, invite your shadows to walk with you.

Together you will be a force to be reckoned with, a force for goodness and change, a force of fierce and real love!

The Call…. 

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     About Nathalie Jackson….

A graduate from the Priestess Path Apprenticeship program and Women In Power Initiation.


She is a Certified ShadowWork® Facilitator and Certified Fire Walk Facilitator. She is the founder of the Woman Unveiled School of Women’s Mysteries, including The Deeper Journey Priestess Initiation and The Apprenticeship. She is also co-founder of StoneHedge Ecovillage.


Nathalie has been facilitating transformative circles for over 18 years and has been on a journey of personal transformation and growth for over 25 years.


She is a mother, engineer, daughter of the earth, lover, partner, friend, holistic practitioner, creator of her dreams and fully dedicated to supporting all beings on their journey of unfolding.

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