For Health Providers

How much is Membership?

$497 Annually or $260.93 x 2 Bi-Annually

What are the benefits to becoming a member?

  • Website Directory Listing/ Search Engine Listing ($150 value)
  • Access to over 200 speaking opportunities per year
  • Savings Card ($20 value)
  • Discounted resources for social media, marketing etc
  • Complimentary access to up to 8 hours of business consulting/mentorship ($1200 value)
  • Event calendar access plus ticket sales system
  • Weekly Community E-newsletter
  • 20% Discount on Holistopedia Advertising plus first priority
  • Monthly Events E-Newsletter
  • Networking Opportunities
  • 20% off Staples Copy and Print Card
  • Facebook Network Group
  • Affiliate link to earn residual income on referrals
  • Expo and conference priority and discounts
  • Half price monthly networking events
  • 48 hr response to inquiries
  • Directory Listing in the Holistopedia ($99.97)
  • Free online monthly networking
  • Business training discounts
  • Placement in the app (set to release 2018/2019)
  • GoodLife Fitness Membership Corporate Rate ($400 value)
  • Complimentary speaking opportunities (up to 3 spots)
  • Complimentary newsletter spotlight ($75 value)
  • Complimentary unlimited networking (up to $200 value)
  • A Bumper Ad or Submission to Holistopedia ($247 value)

How much time will it take to sign up?

On average, allow yourself 30 minutes. Depending on how prepared you are with your information it may take less or more time. Be sure to have images and your social media links handy, (*note there is an image size requirement for photos*).

How many clients a year will I get referred to me? 

It all depends on how active you are in the community. It is important to attend networking events consistently and explore all of the advertising options we have to offer you

Health Seeker 

How much is the Savings card? 

$20 for an annual savings card or $50 for family savings card. There are discounts for longer-term card holders as well: $50 for a 3-year membership, and $120 for a 3-year family membership.

Seniors and full-time students receive $10 off the annual Savings Card.

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How do I know what discounts are offered? 

You can find discounts using our search engine. Once you find a few providers that meet your needs you can check their discount or special offers on their Listing or use the database spreadsheet to compare.  

I don’t want to use paypal, can I pay another way? 

Yes we can process you manually. Simply let us know and we’ll take you through the process. It won’t take long!