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About Me

Tricia Murray was a Tribute and Survivor of the 21st century Hunger Games of Business. After
a 20+ year career in business and marketing, she stepped out of the arena in search of
something more.

Today she practices her ‘craft’ (marketing) as ‘Ms. Right Now’, bridging the gaps between Marketing, Meaning & More…for agents of change at multiple stages of their marketing and business journey.

She offers group and 1:1 experiences for:

• Marketing Counsel reframing key pain points, root problems to find YOUR solutions.

• Marketing Coaching recalibrating endgames, game plans and playbooks with DIYers and Tactical Ninjas.

• Marketing Co-Creation redesigning Marketing from the ground up, within small businesses moving to the next level of marketing.

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Business: Mount Royal University ••• Psychology: Athabasca University ••• Yoga & Yoga Therapy: SOYA Yoga / Functional Synergy

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March 1, 2017

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