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Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I chose to become a holistic practitioner.

I’ve had some interesting challenges to overcome in this life. I was put up for adoption shortly after birth, born with a skeletal deformity that caused me to walk with an exaggerated limp, molested by a family member as a child, raped by the drunk father of the children I was babysitting when I was only 13, bullied by school mates for the way I walked, sexually harassed at work, married to an addict who was emotionally abusive, and labeled a whistle-blower by co-workers when I uncovered a fraud.

I’ve always been a person that needed to know the how’s and why’s of things. I spent many months in hospital as a young person and throughout my adult life as well. Luckily, I had family doctors, surgeons, nurses, and physiotherapists who appreciated my curiosity and taught me a great deal about how the body works. This helped me a lot when my formal studies began.

When I was in my early 30’s, and after numerous orthopedic surgeries that didn’t work out as well as everyone hoped, a very gifted and well respected surgeon in Toronto, ON agreed to take me on as a patient. He constructed a hip socket using bone from my leg and attached it to my pelvis along with steel and titanium joint replacement parts. Finally, I had no pain and my hips were as close to normal as they would ever be! I learned to walk all over again, and with the help of a qualified personal trainer, built up physical strength that I never believed possible.

I began to study nutrition to make sure that I was giving my body what it needed as I built up this level of strength. Proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight had been emphasized from my first hip surgery, so I thought that I had a pretty good idea about what to eat. As it turns out, many things I thought I knew were not entirely correct, and there was a great deal about nutrition that I had never been exposed to.

I’ve witnessed people will themselves to die, and I’ve known people whose faith allowed them to live much longer than they were supposed to. I studied psychology and mythology to gain insight into human behavior and eventually learned there was great importance in paying attention to my Spiritual needs as well as my physical and emotional needs.

I know what it feels like to endure emotional and physical pain every minute of every day and be angry because of it. I know how difficult it is to keep pushing through physical pain to keep moving, and I know the physical effects of denying my true emotions. I know that fear can cripple you more than your body if you let it, but I also know that there is a road that will lead you to happiness and good health if you are willing to take it.

I became certified in holistic therapeutic counseling and holistic nutrition, so that I could share what I’ve learned from my own experience, and help others find their own road to better health. I’ve developed and published a step by step emotional wellness program I call Mind Files that offers holistic advice and guidance of how you can turn your life around! Mind Files explains the mind’s process of collecting, categorizing, and storing conclusions in what I call The Filing Cabinets of Your Mind. Learn how to review, re-assess and either re-write or resolve completely the files that are holding you back from living the life you were meant to live!

Click on the book tab to read what other people are saying about Mind Files: Perception, Perspective & Problems, and to purchase your personal copy!

If you would like guidance going through the Filing Cabinets of Your Mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a private consultation.


I named my practice after the Greek mythical creature Chiron (pronounced: ky-ron) who was known as a healer, Oracle, and astrologer. Chiron and I have a lot in common.
– My astrological sign is Sagittarius and Chiron resides in this constellation
– I’ve always lived my life my own way – a maverick of a sort and the asteroid Chiron is also called a maverick because it doesn’t move the same way as other planets and asteroids
– In mythology, Chiron was born out of an adulterous relationship then later abandoned by his mother. Chiron was adopted by Apollo who provided him with education in music and medical arts. As it turns out, I learned in my 40’s that the story of how I came to be put up for adoption is surprisingly similar. My adoptive parents gave me piano lessons and my dad introduced me to alternative medicine and nutrition.
– Chiron’s knee was hit with a poison arrow, and despite his medical knowledge and ability to deal with pain – Chiron was unable to heal himself. Chiron was forced to beg Zeus to make him mortal so he could end his suffering. My struggle to accept the limitations of my physical body has definitely been the most difficult life lesson I’ve faced.

As you can see, Chiron and I have a great deal in common!


Certified Therapeutic Counselor - Stonebridge College UKCertified Holistic Nutritionist - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

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