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I am a wife, Mom, Girl Guide Leader, World Traveller, co-founder of the non-profit Girls Matter, and Integrative Health Practitioner, Registered Health Coach, Speaker and host of the “Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call! podcast!

I was born in Sydney, Australia, raised in Tokyo, Japan and have been living in Whistler BC for 31 years after coming here for just one season and deciding it was “heaven on earth” so why live anywhere else?

I was in the Corporate World for 24 years, and 6 years ago was let go when big fish bought little fish and I was given an hour to clear out my desk and no word of thanks! In that moment I knew 3 things:
1) I would never work for someone else again
2) Whatever I did next, had to be of service
3) I had no idea what that would be, but was open to being guided!

And guided I was! First I was introduced to a company that specialized in brain supplementation, which intrigued me, as I have a brain and use it 24/7 and had never been taught how to “look after it”! I also knew there was near epidemic Alzheimer/s & dementia, but meanwhile my own Grandmother was 97 years old, still living at home by herself, fully cognitively functioning. It made me wonder what she did right and how I could follow her path! My first clue was that she was born in 1916 in Christchurch, NZ, grew all their own food on the property and there were barely any toxins in that bottom corner of the earth back then! Meanwhile, I was raised in Tokyo, in the 1970’s, at the height of manufacturing plants spewing out toxins! Wake up call # 1 – I was behind the 8 ball and likely way more toxic than my Grandma, so I needed to do something about that, so I jumped in and started learning about brain health.

4 months later my oldest daughter got a concussion in her first grade 12 soccer game of the season, and as I wasn’t working, I attended her treatments so I could learn and because she was in no state to report back to me, what she’d been told to do, if she went alone. 2 months later, I was driving to Vancouver and the High School called me to let me know my younger daughter had a suspected concussion and could I go pick her up. In that moment, I literally looked up at the heaves and said “Really, this is how you show me my path? Please, stop taking out my children!”. So now I went to 2 sets of appointments and guided my children on their healing journeys. Wake up call #2 – people need more support when they are in the “muck” of chronic illness or healing, to know they are not alone and be able to relax into being guided, as it’s only in this relaxed state that the body can truly heal!

I was asked to work at a holistic clinic to help others recover, but wasn’t able to get insurance, as I had no certification, so I went back to school to become a health coach and have never looked back and have continued learning as I truly love this work! My Integrative Health Practitioner training allows me to run labs for people (mailed to your home), so we can see inside the body, to discover your imbalances and then bring the body back into balance. I provide personalized wellness protocols based on the lab test results.

I truly love my work, I love guiding people’s health journeys and seeing them healing, I’m living my passion and purpose every day! On Dec 31, 2020, our very own DeeAnne Riendeau read my Akashic Records, and told me I’d been a healer in all my past lives, including a wizard and a white witch! It reconfirmed I’m living my purpose in this life too, I just took my time getting to this place of service that brings me such joy!

Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 & 2, Registered

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