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Hi! I’m Lisa.
My ‘cancer’ story is not a typical one.
When ‘cancer’ came knocking at my door … I knew exactly where it came from. I had been struggling with feeling rejected and unworthy. I instinctively knew that the standard medical treatments of chemo, radiation, pharmaceuticals and/or radical surgery were NOT going to help me to resolve my feelings of unworthiness. So I decided to forego the medical route altogether and do the inner work required to address what was really going on.

Along my journey, I discovered MANY ‘hidden truths’ about ‘cancer’ and ‘disease’ … that the medical model does NOT address. Once I resolved my ‘issues’ … my Body HEALED ITSELF … exactly as it is designed to do.

Once I understood the Divine Design of our amazing Bodies … I understood that we’ve been looking at our Bodies all wrong. We assume that our Bodies are being attacked by ‘disease’… when, in fact, they are simply displaying meaningful biological processes. We simply haven’t understood the meaning.

I now help my clients see their Bodies from a NEW Perspective … that puts Healing right in their own, very capable hands.

I live in Lake Placid, NY in the midst of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. I love to be surrounded by the beauty of Nature. I love to kayak, golf, swim, hike and forage for wild mushrooms. But my Soul’s True Passion is delving deep into the realms of Universal Consciousness to help usher in the Shift of Consciousness so that Heaven can be returned to Earth once more.

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Lisa Warner
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