Kortney Oxford-Kerfoot

About Me

Kortney is passionate about helping people and loves how Acupuncture helps her achieve this. Her focus is on inner balance, peace, stress reduction and she has a passion for working with anxiety and depression. Through Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine she can help treat the body, mind and spirit.

Kortney also has comprehensive training in treating musculoskeletal injuries and pain management as well as women’s health concerns. She has completed courses through the Sports Medicine Acupuncture series where they employ different needling methods including intra-muscular stimulation (IMS) into motor points to help treat muscle imbalances, sprains and strains. She loves to treat anything from neck and shoulder pain, to low back and hip, PMS, headaches, insomnia and anything in between.

As our lives grow busier and more hectic, Kortney is seeing more and more the effects of day-to-day stress, trauma, PTSD and anxiety and is continually being drawn to helping those in need in her practice. Helping people live a better quality of life and optimal health and wellness is important to her.

Your unique health care situation is of the utmost importance to her and together she can help work toward achieving your health and wellness goals.


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