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Consultant, Marketing Expert, Website Designer, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Level 2 Master

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Through my personal commitment to self growth, many years of entrepreneurship and support of others in accomplishing their goals and dreams I have found fulfillment and joy in my life. My self development journey started 20 years ago and has not stopped. I have taken and created multiple courses helping others to identify their goals and strategies to accomplish them, continuously studied online marketing, and am committed to my own journey of opening my heart to the world around me. If you are looking for business consulting, personal coaching, online marketing strategy or spiritual guidance contact me for a free discovery session.

6 years experience business consulting, online marketing and coaching. 250 PYTT, Reiki Level 2, 10 Day Vipassana, Personal Best Course Competition, Maximum Sales Power Course Completion

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February 1, 2016

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