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Ordained Minister of Metaphysics, Business Intuitive, Mindset Coach & Speaker

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The life-changing power of intention is what drew me from a successful sales and administration career in corporate to “follow my calling.” In 2004 I founded The Intuitive Life to provide intuitive consultations, mindset coaching and training. A critical illness affecting my oldest son threw me into a very dark night of the soul in 2010. From the resulting burnout of unexpected challenge,  I used the power of intention to reinvent my life and over a ten-year period, refined and developed coaching tools and programs that I’m proud to say, have changed countless lives in both the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds.

My specialty is inviting “Conscious Leadership through Conscious Communication” which includes intuitive development internally to enhance resilience, business and sales growth, and effective conflict resolution skills externally to enhance personal and professional relationships. I provide consults, keynotes, training and mentorship to entrepreneurs, their teams, and corporate clients such as naturopathic doctors, dentists, coaches and counsellors,   The Justice Institute of BC (JIBC), local government including the  Local Government Management Association (LGMA), The Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers (CSNM), Rhodes Wellness College, Douglas College, the North Shore Caregivers Group, The Child Referral and Resources Agency and many small businesses.

In 2016 I also achieved my ordination as a Minister of Metaphysics to support the spiritual and resiliency needs of my clients, in addition to weaving the power of intention with sound business practices using the 80/20 rule of business.

I lead online mastermind groups and retreats that inspire motivation during adversity and transition. In addition I facilitate online spiritual retreats, lead celebrations and I am legally authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in both Canada and the US.

What is success without peace of mind?


The combination of intention with intuition assures both. I empower individuals and organizations to stay inspired and motivated, to keep moving forward in positive, productive ways, no matter what changes or adversities they may face.

I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to connecting with both colleagues and clients alike, as we each “hear the call to lead from the future as it emerges,” to live our best lives in these unique times.

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August 1, 2020

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