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Carrie-Ann Baron is a successful and innovative business woman with a healing message. She is dedicated to guiding heart-centered entrepreneurs, visionaries and energy healers stop struggling so they can have more energy and focus to serve and support others while enjoying personal success.

She has created her own success formula through her versatile insights and the works of many acknowledged spiritual- and success teachers.

Carrie-Ann’s own journey of self-development, and having interviewed over a hundred experts on motivation and success around the globe, have helped her grow into an asset to your personal, professional and spiritual growth. Carrie-Ann knows that your reality is an outcome of your input, approach and energetic attitude. She works with your experience, knowledge and helps to align with your souls desires to reach a higher vibrational level with your personal success in life and business within weeks. She helps you do so with the personal attention your life deserves.

Her long journey and hunger for personal success has helped her achieve and break through many obstacles in her life from an early age. Her assets make her powerful and effective. Through her journey and investment she inspires motivation and purpose and does so with the qualities of a feminine leader. Carrie-Ann completed many professional development courses and has trained and succeeded in many athletic challenges. Her resume accounts for many positions in the corporate world, such as Office Manager, Training Logistics Coordinator and Facilitator.

From her point of view, there’s nothing better in life than to be able to give back, to share what she’s learned in all those years of hard work and insights. Carrie-Ann helps you discover and express your potential and lift your doubts from your mind. She helps you see why your purpose is bigger than your objections. With her holistic approach to the elements that shape your victory, she is a key figure in your road to success and happiness.

Carrie-Ann dreams and lives big. Let her help you break free and find the power and possibilities within you.

CIMM Metaphysical Minister I SolePath Mentor & Practitioner I IET Practitioner& Master Instructor | Fearless Life Trainer | Mindset Mentor | Mental Health Recovery Peer Support Specialist

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