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Barbara Edie is a transformational author, coach, and intuitive guide, who teaches practical ways to tap into, develop, and ACT on your higher wisdom to create what really matters to you. In her best-selling book Creating the Impossible – What it takes to bring your vision to life, Barbara shares her own stories of transformation as well as those of visionary change makers around the globe who followed their inner guidance to make dreams a reality.
Using the power of intuition for more than 30 years, today Barbara works with soul-focused entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and women in business, to put their higher intelligence into action to increase their creative power and manifest amazing results.
Success stories include clients who have moved to new countries, made radical career changes, launched new products or books, and been hired for dream job positions.
Barbara’s soul-inspired retreats and workshops, both local and international, are deep dives into exploring the energy and power of the heart to create clarity, confidence, and guided action to get dreams done.

B.N. (Bachelor of Nursing), M.A. (Master of Arts in Journalism)

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January 10, 2020

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