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Thank you for joining our community and inviting holistic therapies into your lifestyle.

Congratulations on taking the next step to including Holistic therapies into your lives. For many, this is the first step on the journey to live a more holistic lifestyle, dependent less on traditional western medicines and more on nature’s cures. For others, the journey has already started and they seek the education and resources to incorporate additional holistic therapies into their daily regimen and practice.  

At Your Holistic Earth, our goal is to be the bridge that connects you to the local and national experts in the field of holistic medicine.

Through our community, you will find support and resources to help you learn more about living healthier, and feeling better every day. We have teamed up with the best practitioners in the industry; locally as well as nationally to make it easy for you to start living a more holistic lifestyle, while receiving the best care and customer service 

Currently, our network of practitioners services in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. To learn what health services are available in your area; please search our health professional directory below.

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if you’re taking the first steps on your journey, we encourage you to download a copy of the Holistopedia to get you started. Inside you will find details on over 100 different therapies and modalities that you can begin using to feel better, and start living a healthier, more natural life.

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Start Saving on your Holistic therapies Now! 


The cost of healthcare can be high, especially when not all types of therapies are covered by your benefits or the Canadian Healthcare system. To make it affordable for Canadians to add holistic therapies into their lifestyle, we have created the YHE Savings Card. With the YHE Saving Card, people looking to add holistic medicine to their lives can save hundreds of dollars, and even thousands, on services and treatments.

The YHE Saving Card grants our members access to a variety of holistic health care providers and allows our members the ability to utilize their variety of services at a discounted rate, making it more affordable for Canadians to include holistic medicine into their everyday lifestyle. For as low as $20 per year, you can get a YHE Savings card and start saving on your next treatment.



$20 annually
$50 for 3-years



$50 annually
$120 for 3-years

To start saving, show your card at your next appointment to receive the savings offered through the program.

To purchase your Savings Card, click here.

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