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Stacey Berger, Life Mastery Consultant

Book a 45-minute complimentary session over the phone!

In this high value call we will talk about where you are today, you will gain greater clarity on your vision and based on my professional experience, I will offer an assessment and recommendation about what action steps and support you might need to move you from where you are to where you’d love to be!

Mentor Address the following categories: Business & Life Coaching, Mindset, Business Planning & Strategy



Tricia Murray, Business & Coherence Mentor

Calibrate a higher level of coherence…with a 45-minute calibration call where we focus on the ‘problem’ so we can reframe, realign and restore the solution.

Two decades, multiple rabbit holes and one Eat Pray Love journey taught me one thing; it’s all about the relationship.

Business problems keep us from creating and experiencing more. Business problems are relationship problems. 

Reshape the relationship; fix the problem.

Mentor Address the following categories: Business Strategy & Mindset

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Michelle Cooper – Alchemy Accounting

Do you find yourself going with the flow, carrying out daily tasks in your life or business without much direction or thought? Are you getting the same results you always have by doing the same things you always have?

So often, we see entrepreneurs and their businesses crippled by growing pains they don’t know how to deal with or struggling to find structure and safety in their money practices & relationship. That’s where we come in!

Contact Us & Receive a 30 – 45-minute Call!

Alchemy Accounting utilizes the Profit First method of cash management. Our team is trained and certified by the Profit First Professionals organization to guide business owners and entrepreneurs in maximizing their profits through excellence in bookkeeping & accounting.

Michelle Cooper is the Founder + CEO @ Alchemy Accounting, known worldwide as an Author | Speaker | Conscious Business Advisor | Chief Financial Officer & Worldwide Influencer for all things related to money, healing shame and expanding the conversation of personal worth.

Mentor Address the following categories: Business Strategy and Mindset

1 604 846 2995


Jennifer Gutfriend

Book Your 30-minute Be Your Best Self Strategy Call and Hypnosis Audio

Are you saying yes to things you want to say no to and it’s taking precious time away from your business? Are you worried about what others think of you and it has you playing small and holding yourself back in your business? Are you undercharging or discounting your services and feeling resentful and undervalued? Do you have a hard time setting and enforcing boundaries and you’re feeling like a doormat?

As a hypnotherapist and empowerment coach, Jen is on a mission to help people pleasing and over giving women own their worth, set fierce boundaries and live unapologetically!

In your session, I will help you uncover the force behind your people pleasing and over giving ways and help you take back your power, so that you can live the remarkable life of your dreams, not a life created by others.

Mentor Address the following categories: Mindset

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Rosalyn Fung

Book for your 30 minute Align Breakthrough Strategy call!

Intuitive Mindset & Visionary Business Coach, international speaker, mastermind and workshop facilitator, Rosalyn helps you gain more clarity of your soul purpose & path, increase your visibility and monetize on your soul driven mission. She is a co-author of the international bestselling book “What’s Self-Love Got to Do with it?”.

As a former psychologist of over 10 years, a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate, and a Reiki Master, she combines the power of neuroscience, psychology and spirituality, along with business strategies and systems, to help you get out of your own way (especially as you up level). She unapologetically and boldly shares your message, gets you aligned with your purpose and unleashes your inner warrior, so that you can create a 7-figure business in a fun, bold and soulfully sexy way!

Mentor Address the following categories: Intuitive Business Coaching, Mindset, Business Planning & Strategy, Networking, Sales, Marketing, Speaking and Soul-Based Alignment to your Purpose.

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Summer Bozohora, Soul Coach & Self-Healing Mentor

Book a 45-minute discovery call with Summer to review your 3 submitted goals to ensure your aligned with your soul – your inner being for success.

Marketing tools and plans are only as good as your energetic alignment with them. Authenticity is the new currency in heart-based businesses. Through the call we discover inner-resistance, fears or subtle misalignments and help you take action in your business.

Knowing your authentic message and purpose helps you take action on the practical aspects of your business and draws in what you need. When you feel clear, resistance drops away to reveal the next steps.

Practical steps – resources for website, networking, collaborative ventures, videos,

business plans, apps, course creation etc. will be offered based on what we discover you are aligned most to creating.

Mentor Address the following categories: Intuitive Business Coaching, Mindset, Website, Online Course Creation, Speaking and Soul-Based Alignment to your Purpose.

Summer Bozohora
Whole Body-Mind-Soul Coach

Don’t be Shy! Connect & Clarify!

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Ranchelle Van Bryce – Strategist, Connection, Conscious Marketer

Book a 30-minute coaching call today!

As a Holistic Intuitive Business Strategist, the entrepreneurs that hire me are open to receiving more revenue in their business. During our call, we explore your money mindset and your marketing message. There is a formula that if followed will increase your revenue in your business and allow you to create the freedom and fun you deserve and crave!

Mentor Address the following categories: Marketing, Sales, Speaking, Networking, Business Strategy, Intuitive Business Coaching, & Mindset

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Michelle Bateman

Book your 30-minute call with Michelle, founder and CEO of Soul Journey.

As a transformational Soul Coach, dynamic speaker and facilitator, I will help you discover who you are and create a life you love. By combining neuroscience and spirituality with a mind body soul approach, we get to the root of what’s holding you back and provide tools that produce results quickly!

Mentor Address the following categories: Mindset

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NCP Consulting specializes in helping overwhelmed business owners get clarity and direction. Their process has resulted in business owners getting their AHA! moment, giving them confidence to move forward. Discover how this award-winning business can show you how to work smarter, not harder. Call for your free business health assessment.

Building Strategies for Success!

Mentor Address the following categories: Marketing, Sales, Business Planning & Strategies

(403) 771-9998 | Linked-In


Meagan Fettes

Schedule your 60 minutes call with Meagan, also known as the Joy coach today!

Enjoy learning world-wide taught tools that can be used to access greater joy, abundance and success in your life and business. I love breaking down the science and fundamentals of our mind, holding patterns and vibrational shifts to support people in stepping into their higher potential and live with a more fulfilling business life! Through working together, clients gain clarity on their message, begin to understand the numbers they need to achieve success and how to increase the value of their service, all while enjoying the process of working on and in their business.

On Our Call We Will:

  1. Create clarity on your vision and how you can tailor your message in your products/services to feel fulfilled in your business.
  2. Establish your WHY- Deep seated decision for why you are choosing to do what you do.
  3. Shift your mindset and set a powerful intention for success.
  4. Discover what the 3 most effective actions are for you to take to create momentum in your business today.
  5. Understand the importance of consistency and how to stay focused to create the results you desire.

Mentor Address the following categories: Networking, Business Strategy & Planning, Intuitive Business Coaching, & Mindset

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