1. We value your privacy. The data provided for the purposes of Your Holistic Earth will not be provided or sold to any third party.
  2. Once your signup form is submitted, your advertising will be on yourholisticearth.ca within 2 working days.
  3. Custom designed Banner Ads will be visible online within 5 working days of receiving the Listing / Banner Form details and payment. Designed ads by Your Holistic Earth will attract a fee if you haven’t purchased the Premium Package.
  4. The cost of any Signups or Banner Ads on yourholisticearth.ca is not refundable. If you no longer wish to maintain your Ad/Listing with Your Holistic Earth, then we will remove it or at your discretion, leave it till the end of the pre-paid period, whichever you prefer. Please notify us if you no longer wish to be part of this website as it will be assumed you are happy with your Listing or Banner Ad and will remain on the site.
  5. All contacts of Listings will receive an email notifying of renewal date within 7 days of the Listing expiring. Due to the nature of the automated alert system, all Listings will automatically come offline on the expiration date unless payment is received. Otherwise Listings will be re-committed online within 2 working days upon receipt of the renewal form and payment.
  6. The Online Signup form will provide the option to automatically bill your credit card otherwise please contact us with any request to upgrade or update your Listing.
  7. Our Pricing is extremely competitive compared with alternative online advertising and is designed to provide maximum exposure and page visibility along with easy to find and see full-page listings.
  8. Listings can be sorted by keywords or sub categories to help further in the location of an organization.
  9. Keywords are subject to approval by the Website Administrator based on what is best for the search function.
  10. All Listings must come under at least one Category. There is space within the Listing form to suggest a Category if the Categories available do not suit. Please select “Other” as the Category and Suggest a Category in the field provided. Suggested Categories are subject to the approval by the Website Administrator.
  11. Listings should also come under at least one sub category. There are options within the Signup form to suggest a Sub Category if the Sub Categories available do not suit. Please select Category and Suggest a Sub Category in the field provided. Suggested Sub Categories are however subject to the approval by the Website Administrator.
  12. Layout and style of Listings are to conform to the Style Guide of the website. We reserve the right to alter submissions to suit the Style Guide and be consistent with the overall theme of the website.
  13. Banner Ads are only available to organizations with a Full Page Priority Listing in the Directory. We reserve the right to determine the Banner Ads. Banner Ads are either Home Page / Feature Banners that appear randomly throughout the site or Keyword / Category Banners that appear based on search criteria, being keywords or categories and sub categories.
  14. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide and verify the accuracy of the details contained in the advertisement on Your Holistic Earth.
  15. We accept payments online using secure online transactions, either by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal facility.
  16. Prices are subject to review and change without notice.