For hundreds of years complementary and alternative medicine has not had a spotlight on it! Until now! We are excited to announce the first Heart Centered Business Awards to showcase the diverse and incredible businesses and providers out there! Nominate someone you know who goes above and beyond.

This Awards ceremony will be held over lunch at our Business From the Heart Convention on May 4th in Calgary at the China Rose Restaurant. Tickets can be found here

Nominate for one of the categories today! Nominations close April 25th.

The Entrepreneur of the year award
This award goes to someone who working hard in their business and it shows. They are doing good things and trying to make a positive impact on those around them. They treat their clients with kindness and quality care, maintain professionalism and they are taking advantage of opportunities to ensure their business is successful financially.

The Up and Comer Award
This award is for someone who has recently started their business and is learning as much as they can to have the tools they need for success. This individual is doing all the right things to get momentum in their business.

The Champion Award
This award goes to the cheerleader. The business who is consistently providing testimonials, sharing posts, and finding other ways to support others.

The Quality Care Award
This award goes to someone who offers top notch care every time. They go above and beyond for their clients.

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