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April 14, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


With all of us having to stay home, what better time to invest in yourself and your well-being. I have decided to bring this powerful workshop to all of you ONLINE!!

Are you ready to EMPOWER YOUR CONFIDENCE and take it to the NEXT LEVEL?
Working on your inside is even more powerful than working on your outside because what goes on inside of you drives your life, your fitness, your relationships and your happiness.

So why not strenghten your SELF LOVE & ACCEPTANCE ?

We are taught to give to others, be caregivers, put everyone’s needs above our own and we often find ourselves at the bottom of our priority list. And as a result we sometimes become lost and unfulfilled and we aren’t sure why or where we even got lost. There’s a constant chatter inside your head, that never stops, that keeps you up at night and often leaves you feeling not good enough.

Don’t worry you are NOT ALONE! Michelle Bateman, founder of Soul Journey, found herself in this place more than once in her life! Once she discovered who she was and confidently loved herself, she was able to create an AMAZING LIFE!! ✨✨ Michelle’s passionate to share this with other women to empower and inspire them to know they have the power to create a life they love ? and YOU can too!!

Empowered Confidence will help you to start showing up for yourself with unstoppable confident. You’ll explore what makes you happy and how to create more loving relationships with yourself and others in your life.

You will:
Discover who you are
Understand what self love is and isn’t
Get clear on where your lack of self love shows up in your life
What is your lack of self love costing you
How the status quo cbuld be costing your happiness
How to shift your thoughts and actions
How to stand up for yourself and make decisions
Be more confident and create a positive inner dialogue with yourself
Strategies and self love practices that get results fast
How to fit self love into your busy life
Live a more fulfilling life that you love ?

SELF LOVE is the foundation which you build your whole life on and if that foundation is not solid, things will eventually crumble and fall apart. Your self love will inspire others to give themselves permission to invest in them and when you do, you are a way better mom, spouse, worker, and all round person. You’ll switch from operating from a space of emptiness to a space of fullness that you give yourself, and you aren’t dependent on others to fill you up. YOU fill you up!

“I was really surprised that I didn’t fully understand what self-love really is and Michelle definitely helps me see how important it is to love myself and how much more CONFIDENT I feel when I make doing it a priority and choosing to put myself FIRST”

“I learned that self love is not selfish and also how to accept a compliment, not brush it off and really let the words sink in to me”

Say YES to YOU! You are worth it, you deserve it! And when you own that and know that your whole world will change!

Get your tickets TODAY & invite the other women you know and we can still create community together!!

Investment $30 + GST
Online Zoom Workshop
Please have a journal, pen and waterbottle.


April 14, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Online Zoom


Soul Journey
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