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Aim Higher Be Lifted Fundraiser for AIMHH!

March 11 @ 9:30 am - March 13 @ 4:00 pm

3 Day Aim Higher Be Lifted Summit Fundraiser for AIMHH!

The Excitement is Mounting for What Will be a Sensational 3 Days Filled with Motivation, Inspiration, and Growth!

MARCH 11 to 13 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm MST

Aim Higher Be Lifted seeks to bring together individuals who:

  • Are experiencing health challenges
  • Are health conscious and want to learn how to be more proactive in their health journey
  • Wish to be happier and more fulfilled in daily life
  • Are longing for a stronger connection with themselves
  • Want to be uplifted and inspired
  • Are looking for a stronger connection to themselves and others.

Who should attend?

Are you wondering if this event is a perfect fit for you? If you answer yes to any of these questions you will absolutely benefit from Aim Higher Be Lifted.

  • Do you, or someone you know, experience health challenges?
  • Are you a health conscious individual who wants to learn how to be more proactive in your own health journey?
  • Do you wish to be happier and more fulfilled in your daily life?
  • Are you longing for a stronger connection with yourself?
  • Do you want to be uplifted and inspired?

Early bird Tickets are $47 – Includes: Access to 3 days of inspirational speakers

VIP is $97 – Includes: VIP giveaways, access to special evening features Comedy show Friday at 7:00 pm MST and Sound Bath Meditation Saturday at 7:00pm MST

Comedy show only $35 – (Friday, March 12 at 7:00 pm MST)

Sound bath only $35 – (Saturday, March 13 at 7:00 pm MST)

Event will be held online via Zoom, link will be sent closer to start date via email.

We’ll have 3 days filled with amazing speakers sharing educational information to help you Aim Higher as a whole!



9:30 Welcome + Opening Remarks DeeAnne Riendeau + Jenny Ryce

9:35 Opening Ceremony Orest Swodersky

10:00 Jamie Salé (Keynote) The Power of Vision

11:15 Wellness Break #1 Dilyana Mileva Breathwork Session

11:30 20-Minute Speaker #1 Carla Green Taming your Stress Monster

11:55 20-Minute Speaker #2 Marcie Mazurenko Awaken Your Energy

12:20 Lunch

12:45 20-Minute Speaker #3 Lynn Vollmer Adversity – Your Soul’s Call to Action

1:10 20-Minute Speaker #4 Audrey Lingg Freedom through Change – 3 strategies to Live your life on your own terms.

1:35 Wellness Break #2 Sandra Griff Emotional Freedom Technique

1:45 Masterclass #2 Sherrie Cameron 3 Secrets to Loving Your Relationship with Money

2:30 20-minute Speaker #5 Adele Anderson Out of breath, Out of time

2:55 Wellness Break #3 Carolynne Melnyk Qigong

3:05 Masterclass #3 Jenny Ryce Grab your self-worth by the horns and own it!

3:50 Closing Message


9:30 Welcome + Opening Activity Carolynne Melnyk QiGong

10:00 20-Minute Speaker #6 Mette Mitchell Help Yourself with Homeopathy

10:25 20-Minute Speaker #7 Melissa Deally Are your trash cans overflowing?

10:50 Wellness Break #1

11:00 Masterclass #4 Barbara Edie Using Intuition to Navigate Uncertainty with Success

11:45 Lunch

12:15 20-Minute Speaker# 8 Adrian Starks Managing Stress and Tap Into Our Creative Energy to Solve Problems

12:40 20-Minute Speaker #9 Kendra Irvine 3 Secrets to the Best Health You’ve Ever Had!

1:05 Wellness Break #2 Elizabeth Macarthur Group Universal Sphere Meditation

1:15 Masterclass #5 Stacey Berger Get Focused, Get Results

2:00 20-Minute Speaker #10 DeeAnne Riendeau The Meaning of Life and How to Find It

2:25 Wellness Break #3 Jessica Derksen Mini Energy Boost Workout

2:35 20-Minute Speaker #11 Carolynne Melnyk Unlocking Self-Love and Inner Peace

3:00 20-Minute Speaker #12 Abigail Teixeira The Gift of Pain

3:25 Closing Message + Activity Sense of Soul (Mande and Shanna) Self Love Meditation

7:00 PM Comedy featuring Chantal Desjardin and Andrew Albert


9:30 Welcome + Opening Activity

9:45 Masterclass #6 Susan Binnie Communicate with Story – Yes You Can

10:30 20-Minute Speaker #13 Nick Doulias The keys to managing your mindset/state

10:55 Wellness Break #1 Elizabeth Macarthur Group Universal Sphere Meditation

11:05 Masterclass #7 Mandy Gefle Illness Turns to Wellness When You Replace “I” With “We”

11:50 Lunch

12:20 20-Minute Speaker #14 Susan Janzen Happy for No Reason: How to be Happy from the Inside Out

12:45 20-Minute Speaker #15 Lana Walsh Upgrade Your Sleep: Debunking the 8-hour Sleep Myth

1:10 20-Minute Speaker #16 Nicole Nykolaishyn 3 Secrets to Feeling More Empowered and Calm in Your Life Using Breath

1:35 Wellness Break #2 Carolynne Melnyk Qigong

1:45 20 minute Speaker #17 Jessica Derksen Everything you Want in Life is Yours – So What’s in the Way?

2:05 Masterclass #8 Cindy Smith Power of Thought and Wellness Through Divine Healing

2:55 Closing Ceremony with Orest Swodersky

3:30 Closing Remarks

7:00 PM Sound Bath with Tiffany Sparrow