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It’s time to turn adversity into opportunity!
It’s time to stand out while others stand still.
With so many online, now, more than ever,
you need to SHINE
How you convey your message has never been so important.
Your words matter more than ever before.
No matter what you’re doing in your business right now,
social media posts, ads, Facebook Live videos, Zoom webinars,
You need words to do it.
Words matter more than ever to help you shine online,
words used along with creative, innovative strategies that work in this new world.
You need to stay visible and still do business,
maybe not as usual…
No, nowadays we are
Doing Business as UNusual
Sure, we’d all like to moan and lament
But, now is the time to intentionally reinvent.

Written or spoken, the RIGHT words make you more money.

As a creative marketing innovator and promotional wordsmith, Zandra Bell helps business professionals like you convey your message to potential clients in a succinct and compelling way that gets them coming YOUR way.
Master the empowering elevator speech
Discover your “WHY” & brand build around it
Create & deliver presentations that pay
Revitalize your money mindset
Attract clients & close sales

As a corporate motivational humorist and dynamic keynote speaker, Zandra is your leader for WORD domination! This multiple-award-winning entrepreneur not only uplifts and educates business audiences with her inventive presentations but, performing in the guise of her comedic alter ego, Shirley Best, Zandra delivers original inspirational hilarity customized to her clients’ workplace objectives. This is clean appropriate humour that’s designed to unite and empower staff while raising morale and productivity, so you can
“Laugh your Way to the Bank.”

Your business and Zandra’s imagination…
the opportunities are cosmic!
Zandra Bell Unlimited – Giving Voice to Your Business Success



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