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What’s the difference you want to make in your world? What if I can help you make it? As a business intuitive and mindset/communications coach, I bring something very important to the table: a big-picture perspective different from your own. #1 I help you see what you are too close to see. #2 I support you in gaining clarity, to turn challenge into triumph through enhanced planning and communication tools.

Like suddenly discovering the proverbial “forest in the trees” I help you stake your claim in the market using the 80/20 rule, to produce more revenue with less effort. 80% of your results coming from 20% of your effort is a timeless truth. Are you using it to your greatest advantage?

I help you maximize the 80/20 rule through one-on-one mentoring and intuitive business mastermind groups. We enhance “conscious communication” both internally and externally through intuitive development and conflict resolution skills to meet that goal.

This is what my clients say about my work:
– I found the clarity I need so I can move forward more confidently
– Now I see what’s holding me back so I can confront fear and drop doubt
– I’ve learned how to have a lot more fun, speed and ease in building business
– I’ve found quick, powerful and effective ways of problem-solving
– I feel more empowered, uplifted, optimistic during challenge and transition
– I’m definitely performing more to my potential
– I’ve rediscovered my intuition, trust myself more and feel more solid
– My communications with others have improved, along with my confidence in sales

I consult, coach, and train entrepreneurs and health and wellness organizations how to stay resilient and flourish through building business, even in the most difficult circumstances, so they can experience more confidence, peace and prosperity. In addition, I draw on my expertise and training as a speaker and ordained minister of metaphysics. I provide inspiring lectures, and love to facilitate intimate wedding ceremonies and celebrations of all kinds for life’s most meaningful moments.

I serve globally online from West Vancouver, BC, Canada and my company tagline is “Transforming Challenge into Triumph, one a better-feeling-thought at a time.”

What problem can I help you solve? Time waits for no one… and it’s your time!


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Phone Number: 604-781-4022
Location: British Columbia > Vancouver


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