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I provide the ‘missing pieces’ of the Self-Healing puzzle … so that people who wish to take their health into their own hands can finally break free from ‘disease’ … and have the tools and awarenesses necessary to Create WellBEing for themselves.
While healing myself from ‘cancer’ using nothing other than my own consciousness, I learned a lot about what ‘disease’ is … and is NOT. I discovered the Body’s Divine Blueprint of Health, and learned first-hand that the Body is ALWAYS functioning exactly as it is designed to function … we simply haven’t understood the design.
In addition to providing key understandings of the Body’s Divine Design, I teach my clients how to activate their own Divine Blueprint … so that they can connect to the Wisdom of their Soul to bring Body, Mind and Spirit back into Alignment … for ultimate WellBeing.
I am the Author of “The Simplicity of Self-Healing” which is currently available on Amazon.


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Phone Number: 1.518.523.3669
Location: United States


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