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Simply speaking, I move energy and I do this in a variety of ways. Reiki moves the body/spirit energy, EFT (Tapping) moves the emotional energy, House Clearing moves the energy in your house or space, and de-cluttering your belongings moves the energy in all those areas.

Everything is made up of energy right down to the rug or floor beneath our feet. The only thing that separates us is the frequency we are vibrating at. We, as human beings are made of energy too, and have our own unique vibration or frequency.
Every day we come into contact with other energy and it mixes with ours. Sometimes it can boost our energy but more often than not it drains our energy. It can block our energy or make it stagnant. That is when we start feeling out of sorts, tired, cranky or in the extreme, become depressed or ill.

What I do is help you to get your energy moving in a positive flow and detach any energy that doesn’t belong to you or may be lingering. Some of us are capable of doing this ourselves by “shaking it off’, which is a form of getting rid of that feeling, that energy you don’t want. Others need help to sort out their energy which is where I come in.

My goal is to make you feel better, having your energy flow so you can be a happy, productive, joyful person enjoying life.

Since all energy is connected, doing any one of the energy clearing activities can help move the energy in other areas as well. Ever Changing Life can help get your energy moving by Clearing the Clutter, Mind, Body and Home.


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Phone Number: 7802216864
Location: Alberta > Edmonton


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