Dr. Candice Staniek

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I’m a ‘free-style’ naturopathic doctor registered in Alberta. I provide a style to medicine that many consider ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. I bring together both science and spirituality which provides a well-rounded approach and individualized treatment programs. I’m passionate about understanding your story and the origin of your condition in order to create an individualized plan to help you meet you health goal and have more peace of mind and vitality.

I use traditional naturopathic modalities such as nutrition, diet, herbs, homeopathy, counselling, physical medicine, food allergy testing, vitamin D testing. Therapies that are unique to my practice and limited in Alberta include: frequency specific microcurrent, dural attachment therapy, neural therapy, Quantum Touch, and Family Constellations.



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Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: 403-588-3544


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