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Although we expertly deal with family and divorce mediation, CAIM Collaborative Resolutions is vastly different from typical conflict and dispute resolution services. CAIM’s extensive resource team takes a uniquely holistic approach to transitioning you through the divorce process, ensuring, all the while, that your personal integrity, your relationship to your ex-spouse, and your own sanity still stay blessedly intact.

We come from a much more enlightened perspective of divorce that is, for the most part, ignored as being too personal and complex by other family mediation and conflict resolution firms in Calgary. At CAIM, we address every aspect of divorce and its implications, before, during and after the process, helping you examine and reframe the emotions so you can experience them in a healthy manner, separate from the legal issues that must be resolved.
We also ensure that our clients have the whole range of personalized aftercare they need, be it life coaching, step-coupling guidance, fitness and nutrition instruction, even personal styling, so they can resume their lives as individuals again feeling renewed and ready.


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Phone Number: 4039755530
Location: Alberta > Calgary


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