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Elizabeth combines various modalities from the past 20+ years as a coach/facilitator, an intuitive guide, a channeler, a healer, a reader, and a practitioner to SUPPORT YOU through these CHALLENGING TIMES and with your ASCENSION JOURNEY.

Through Elizabeth’s personal healing and awakening journey, she has used many modalities of which include the AKASHIC RECORDS and the UNIVERSAL SPHERE®. MIRACLES have happened for her and now she CAN CREATE THESE FOR YOU TOO!

The AKASHIC RECORDS provides the perfect environment to ACCESS YOUR WISDOM, knowledge, UNDERSTANDING and receive transformational information. And with Elizabeth’s advanced training, she can also clear and TRANSMUTE PATTERS, BELIEFS, emotions, energies, and more.

The UNIVERSAL SPHERE® allows you to journey into the UNIFIED FIELD where you can CONNECT more deeply WITH SOURCE and Divine Love, and start RE-MEMBERING WHO YOU TRULY ARE. It also allows you to connect with multidimensional ‘SOLUTION ENERGY’ to bring in a whole new BUFFET OF OPTIONS AND CHOICES FOR YOU SOUL to choose from to provide NEW results to your issues or situations that are well beyond what the mind can think of. MIRACLES REALLY DO HAPPEN!

If you are looking to gain a new PERSPECTIVE and/or DIRECTION, in your life, book a session with Elizabeth now and TAKE CONTROL of your FUTURE.

To book an AKASHIC RECORDS READING/CLEARING Session or for more information, visit

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UNIVERSAL SPHERE® – A MOMENT OF CALMNESS is a complimentary group session which INTRODUCES you to the US®. Held on Sunday mornings. For dates and to register, visit

LEARN TO DO THE UNIVERSAL SPHERE® – Become A Universal Sphere® PRACTITIONER – in this one-day training, you will learn the FOUNDATIONAL TECHNIQUES and TEACHING to use the US® for YOURSELF, your FAMILY and friend, pets, etc.
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Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: 780-217-9424
Location: Alberta > Edmonton


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