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Have you been healed or help others to heal?
Have you witnessed incredible improvements from product or services?
Do you have a desire to share your story of health success?

We are seeking Co-Authors to be featured in Volume 3 of HEAL!


  • Fully edited chapter plus coloured feature on back cover
  • Writing webinar and support
  • Speaking webinar and support
  • PR webinar
  • Publishing your own book webinar
  • Media/press release templates and formulas
  • Signature talk template
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Podcast interview
  • VIP access to mentorship support and creative writing coach
  • Only 15 spots available!



Word Count: Maximum of 3000 words

Please include information under the following headings:

  • Title of your story
  • Your first draft story with your own edits submitted in a word document
  • Your Bio and a professional image
  • Contact info Name, email phone website if applicable

Launching April 2021!

Ask us about our special sponsorship opportunities in the book!

  • Uplevel your business and create even more opportunities for yourself by being part of this
  • Benefits to authoring a book
  • Increased credibility to gain more clients and speaking opportunities
  • Increase in your speaker fees so you can charge more
  • Increase in securing opportunities so you can reach more people
  • Monetization off personal book sales so you can earn more profit
  • Healing through your own story so you grow personally
  • Connections with other incredible authors and business owners to increase opportunities

“We had a dream and a vision to create the first holistic health care system in the world!”

-DeeAnne Riendeau

DeeAnne Riendeau is a thought leader with a focus on elevating how we think and live. She is the founder and president of Your Holistic Earth, the first holistic health care system in the world, which promotes healing through mind body and spirit by providing connections, tools and resources for a better life.

Experiencing a life of chronic illness, and near death experiences, DeeAnne rebounded with 20 years of health education and a diverse healthcare career including 6 successful health businesses.

She has spoken at Harvard University,  appeared on Shaw TV, Global Television, and CTV and has been recognized as a visionary and business leader having been nominated for 18 awards such as Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and RBC’s Woman of Business. Along with being an entrepreneur, DeeAnne is a mom of 2 bright kids, publisher, popular speaker and international bestselling author who uses her heart and her head to guide others to create their best life.

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